Sunshine. Sand. Turquoise waters. Panoramic ocean views. World-class dining and entertainment. Won’t you join us?


The Zija Revolution Cruise to the Bahamas is setting sail April 24 – 28, 2017, and all Zija Distributors are eligible to earn one of 50 cabins onboard Royal Caribbean’s Majesty of the Seas! Winners will receive:

  • 4 night cruise accommodations Orlando >> CocoCay, Bahamas >> Nassau, Bahamas >> Day at Sea >> Orlando
  • Food, gratuities, entertainment and activities onboard
  • 1 night hotel accommodations in Orlando before the cruise sets sail
  • Round-trip airport transfers between the airport, hotel and pier
  • Welcome and farewell receptions with an open bar and live music
  • Custom cruise SWAG


  • Earn points during Periods 106 – 111 (September 21, 2016 – March 3, 2017).
  • The top 50 qualified Distributors with the most points when the promotion ends will earn a cabin for two, as well as hotel accommodations the night before the cruise sets sail.
  • A minimum of 50 points are required to qualify and be on the leaderboard—a running list of the top 50 qualifiers at any given moment.
  • The qualifier with the highest number of points will receive a suite, qualifiers 2-40 will receive an ocean view cabin, and qualifiers 41 – 50 will receive an inside cabin.


1) Achieve the following Pin Rank(s) for the first time to earn their accompanying points:

  • Builder 500 – Builder 1000 = 5 points
  • Bronze – Gold = 10 points
  • White Gold – Emerald = 30 points
  • Diamond – Triple Diamond = 50 points
  • Black Diamond and above = 100 points

2) Personally enroll new Zija Members, earning points based on their enrollment order:

  • 150 – 249 PV = 1 point per Enrollee
  • 250 – 499 PV = 2 points per Enrollee
  • 500 – 999 PV = 4 points per Enrollee
  • 1000+ PV = 8 points per Enrollee

BONUS: if a new Enrollee’s enrollment order is an NHR Kit, enrollment points are doubled:

  • 150 PV NHR Basic System = 2 points per Enrollee
  • 250 PV NHR Enhanced System = 4 points per Enrollee
  • 500 PV NHR Gold System = 8 points per Enrollee
  • 1000 PV NHR Diamond System = 16 points per Enrollee

3) Earn 1 point each time a new member personally enrolled during this promotion has a Zija Rewards Purchase (AutoShip) of 75+ PV that successfully runs during the promotion.



  • This promotion is open to Active Zija Independent Distributors worldwide, although certain features including the availability of NHR kits may vary by market.
  • Prize does not include all trip costs such as airfare, excursions, alcoholic beverages, specialty dining, some meals, gambling, spa services, dry cleaning, etc.
  • A Distributor’s ranking on the top 50 leaderboard can change at any time during the promotion and depends on his/her performance as well as the performance of other Distributors.
  • Any Distributor who qualifies for the cruise must be Active and in good standing at the end of this promotion in order to receive the prizes.
  • Points may be adjusted manually as needed, and a loss of points may occur for product returns or promotion abuse.
  • Having excessive points does not qualify any participant to receive more than one cabin; partial points cannot be transferred or sold to another Distributor.
  • If a Distributor becomes Inactive during any Period during this promotion, any points earned will be lost and he/she will have to begin again at zero points.
  • This promotion, including its rules, ways to earn points, and prizes are subject to change at any time at Zija International’s sole